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Meek: National Dems Will Help Me Beat Jeff Greene (But Will They?)


No sooner had Meek gone on the air with his ad than Greene fired off two new statewide attack ads of his own.

Meek said Democrats want him to be the party's nominee in the fall -- Greene, he said, is basically just a Republican with some rebranding. But in response to a question from TPMDC, Meek wasn't able to say whether the national party groups whose support he claims will be sending cash to combat Greene on the air.

"I think that many people are looking at Florida and saying that this is a very important state and that they will participate," Meek said. But when -- and from whom -- that participatiopn will come is unclear. The DSCC would not comment on whether or not it plans to spend any money on the race, for example.

For now, Meek is left fighting Greene on his own, a situation that sounded on the call like it was frustrating for Meek, who cleared the field early and expected smooth sailing through the primary. There are no signs that Meek has forgiven Greene for jumping in at the last minute and stealing much of Meek's thunder. On the call today, Meek wouldn't say if he would endorse Greene should he become the nominee.

"I'm not even prepared to answer that," Meek said.