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Massachusetts Voters Deluged With Calls From Nation's Political Activists

Newscom / Ewing Galloway,

Similar efforts are happening in Louisiana and across the country, as OFA directs the 13 million-plus people on its email list to use the "neighbor-to-neighbor" program for Coakley.

A Democratic source told TPMDC the party is on "offense" and that activists are "galvanized" by the influx of the tea party crowed into the state.

On Saturday, OFA and the Coakley campaign had 3,500 volunteers who made 575,000 voter contacts in person and via phone. That outreach led to a 15 percent uptick in the likely Democratic participation among Massachusetts voters, the source said.

As we reported last week, a Tea Party Nation group from Rhode Island was helping Brown organize.

The separate Tea Party Express group asks supporters to "bring others to the polls as well to vote for Brown."

"The Tea Party Express has over 350,000 members and supporters nationwide. If each of us can help get 2 voters to go to the polls in Massachusetts it will have a huge impact," the group says, asking members to "[c]ontact them via email, Twitter, phone call, Facebook or carrier pigeon."

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is in Boston now, according to his Twitter feed.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R) tweeted today: "MA election day is tomorrow - let's support Scott Brown. Make calls, donate, get involved!"