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Maker Of Ad Telling Latinos Not To Vote Has Long History In GOP (VIDEO)


He founded Latinos for Reform during the 2008 campaign but only truly activated it recently.

"The Democratic party went to the Latino community and made solid promises that they would deliver immigration reform within a year," de Posada said. "Then they did nothing."

"People got very angry about the fact that you did not need bipartisan support for the health care bill, or for the stimulus, or for Wall St reform," but that immigration reform was a non-starter without GOP backing.

However, it's hard to imagine the immigration reforms de Podesta supports winning over a lot of Democrats: heightened border security, and drug enforcement; employee verification; and a temporary worker program. "No amnesty," he said, adding that employers -- he cited Meg Whitman -- ought to get a pass until an effective verification system is put into place.

The Latinos for Reform website lists its address as a P.O. Box operated by Susan Arceneaux, who was a big player in the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth operation. De Posada says that's a mistake.

"In 2008, because the laws were so strange, we hired a political compliance company that handled our reporting and accounting." That was Arceneaux, and during that time the group used her PO Box.

The group's current, correct address appears at the end of the ad encouraging Latino's not to vote.

You can watch the English-language, untelevised version below:

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