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Lonely Republican CO-GOV Nominee Dan Maes Raised Only $14K In September


According to reports filed with the Colorado Secretary of State, Maes raised just $14,467 from Sept. 2-15, and ended the period with $23,963 in the bank.

Compare Maes' fundraising with that of his two challengers in the race: Democrat John Hickenlooper took in $218,388 in the period, and boasts a $228,629 ending balance -- nearly ten times Maes' cash on hand total. And third-party candidate Tom Tancredo, who's been going after Maes hard, raised $120,468 in the period, and has $80,503 in the bank.

The TPM Poll Average for the race shows Hickenlooper (46.2%) leading Maes (22.1%) and Tancredo (21.0%).

(h/t AP)

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