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Lindsey Graham: Obama Made "Bold And Right Decision" On Bin Laden Raid


Asked about the political impact on the President of the operation, Graham noted that there was plenty of credit to go around even while Obama deserved the nation's gratitude.

"I think the President deserves credit for making a bold decision," he said. "It's like the Cold War: no one President brought it to conclusion. President Bush's team deserves credit for putting infrastructure in place that led to this day, but hat's off to President Obama."

Nonetheless, Graham said that while he was certain that the evidence available showed Bin Laden was killed on Sunday, he was concerned that burying the body at sea could make it more difficult to quell conspiracy theories that he was still alive.

"The one thing about the Islamic burial of Bin Laden -- that's smart, but don't allow the sensitivity to rush you into making decisions that maybe in hindsight were not the best to make to close the deal," he said. "I thought holding onto the body for a period of time to allow some independent analysis would help us make the case. ... It's not that big a deal, it's just something to think about in the future."