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Linda McMahon: We Need To Focus On Real Issues, Not 'Fictitious Content' Of Pro-Wrestling


McMahon also revealed herself to be a socially liberal Republican, taking a generally pro-choice position on abortion:

In general, I believe that personal and medical decisions should be kept out of the hands of government. I am pro-choice, but I must say that with the caveat that I have never had to make that decision, and I don't know if it's a decision I could make myself. It's one of the hardest decisions any woman could ever have to make. Having said that, I'm opposed to partial-birth abortion, and I favor parental notification.

Interestingly, McMahon declined to rule out running as an independent if she loses the Republican primary -- a strategy that certainly has a recent precedent in Connecticut with Joe Lieberman:

"If you don't win the Republican nomination, will you run as an independent candidate?" one chat participant asked.

McMahon simply replied: "I'm focused on winning the Republican nomination and expect to win."

Late Update: When asked for a response, Connecticut Dem communications director Colleen Flanagan reiterated this previous comment from a month ago:

"Just because the show is "scripted" doesn't mean it's not vile, tasteless, violent, demeaning to women and fueled by steroids," said Connecticut Democratic Party Communications Director Colleen Flanagan. "What's stunning is that Linda McMahon and her staff are unable to explain or defend her involvement in a company which produces this kind of sexually explicit and violent programming, yet they still believe she'd be a fine U.S. Senator."