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Key House Republican Pulls a Newt on Libya?


Her complaints were buttressed by subsequent press releases questioning the justification for military intervention.

"The American people expect the President, as our Commander in Chief, to determine when U.S. national security interests are at risk and what he is prepared to command the men and women of our Armed Forces to undertake in order to protect and defend them," she said in a March 20 press release, as allied military action got into full swing. "Deferring to the United Nations and calling on our military personnel to enforce the 'writ of the international community' sets a dangerous precedent."

She added that while the US should "stand with those who are oppressed and denied their fundamental freedoms," such reasons "cannot be the only criteria on which we base U.S. military involvement."

TPM reached out to a committee spokesman to clarify Ros-Lehtinen's views on the no-fly zone, but has yet to receive a response.

Update: A spokesman for the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Brad Goehner, e-mailed a response to TPM. "Suggesting a no-fly zone as part of a range of options is not an endorsement of military action without a clearly defined mission and plan, without Congressional consultation, and without a clear explanation of the national security interests at stake," he said. "This is the President's policy, and he needs to explain it to the American people and to Congress."