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Kentucky Stomping Victim: 'Important That Stomper Be Held Accountable' (VIDEO)


Valle told Olbermann that the wig was part of the theme of her activist project. "Part of our tactic with Republic Corp is to be Republic Corp executives. And so, I`ve been in costume all week. We filmed videos. And we do events in character," she said. "So, I`ve been in different characters all week for the past two weeks. So, that was me being a Republic Corp executive."

In a conference call with reporters yesterday, she had a different, though not necessarily contradictory answer. "I'm an artist as well as other things," she said. "I've been wearing a lot of wigs down here. I enjoy wearing wigs. Just playing around."

We've put a call in to Valle to explain the discrepancy. You can watch her full appearance on MSNBC below.

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