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Kentucky Stomper's Attorney: Tape Shows 'My Client Is Justified' (VIDEO)


"Admittedly if you look at the video on the internet and TV and don't see anymore than what was shown it looks like he may have gone out of line," attorney Michael Dean told reporters. "But if you look at the rest of the video of what she was doing before hand and get the whole story, I think you will see my client is justified."

Dean's defense plan is not so different from the one mounted by Paul supporters in the immediate wake of the stomping. They pointed to Valle's paid role with MoveOn and a video showing her trying to get a picture with the now Sen.-elect right before the stomping to suggest that Valle was a paid agitator who helped instigate the incident.

After the incident, Valle told TPM the opposite was true -- Profitt and other Paul volunteers on the ground recognized her, she said, and set out to physically remove her from Paul's path that night.

Profitt's lawyer is so sure of his defense he intends to take the misdemeanor case to a full jury trial. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 7.

Watch Dean discuss his plan to defend Profitt with Lexington's WKYT-TV: