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Kentucky Station Pulls NRSC Spot For Inaccuracy


Check out the offending ad here:

It's worth noting that Pimentel's decision to take down the ad for inaccuracy comes in the midst of swirling controversy surrounding Conway's hardcore rhetorical attack on Rand Paul's college years. The TV ad associated with that campaign has causes plenty of condemnation by opponents of Conway and hand-wringing by supporters, but even the Baylor student who inspired it says Conway's ad is accurate.

The TPM Poll Average shows Paul ahead 46.8-41.8.

Late Update: The NRSC is taking issue with WHAS' decision to take down the ad and is threatening to go to the FCC unless the station puts it back up. Communications Director Brian Walsh sends over this statement:

"It appears that WHAS-TV, without any notice, has pulled the NRSC's ad highlighting Jack Conway's past support of cap-and-trade. This ad is accurate, and it is entitled to air. This treatment of the NRSC's ad by WHAS-TV is discriminatory, and we will be filing a complaint against WHAS-TV with the Federal Communications Commission tomorrow unless the ad is put back on the air immediately. In the meantime, Jack Conway should stop hiding behind his fellow trial lawyers and explain to Kentucky voters why he previously supported President Obama's disastrous cap-and-trade proposal."