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Kendrick Meek Attacks In His First Ad Of Dem Primary In FL-SEN (VIDEO)


Meek's team says the story of Greene's billions -- which he made on the housing market while others were losing their shirts -- is the reason Greene hasn't done better despite fighting a one-sided air war all summer.

"Our campaign has no choice but to fight back to make sure Floridians know how Greene made the money he is using to launch false and misleading television attacks," Meek campaign manager Abe Dyk wrote in a memo to reporters today. "Jeff Greene became a billionaire off the backs of middle-class, hard working Floridians and played an integral role in contributing to the economic meltdown that has affected the lives of every Floridian."

The ad certainly pulls no punches, accusing Greene of getting rich by "betting on suffering."

But the central test for Meek still remains November, where it was before Greene got in and where it will stay if Meek beats the newcomer in the August 24 primary. Neither Democratic candidate is performing well in the three-way Senate race, which is dominated by Republican Marco Rubio and Independent Charlie Crist.

Watch the ad: