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Kasich Enlists In The Abortion Wars

AP Photo / Tony Dejak

On Sunday night, Kasich used his line item veto power to zero out almost two dozen measures in the budget. Included on that list was a provision that would have prevented him from expanding Medicaid. Not included were several anti-abortion provisions, according to the The Columbus Dispatch.

Kasich greenlighted measures aimed at starving Planned Parenthood of federal dollars; requiring abortion clinics to sign transfer agreements with hospitals (though publicly funded hospitals are prevented from participating); forcing doctors to perform ultrasounds on women seeking abortions, to inform those patients if a heartbeat is discovered, and shifting the definition of when a fetus develops to the moment of conception.

Kasich's Medicaid veto preserves his power to authorize the Medicaid expansion, but he can not act on the authority without legislative approval to pay for it, according to the Dispatch.

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