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Just How Big Was The Stewart-Colbert Rally?


"More than 350,000 had ridden Metro [DC's public transportation system] before 3 p.m.," Needham reported, "a number typical for an entire Saturday."

To be sure, even the smaller estimates show an extremely large crowd for a DC event, even one in this year of tea party rallies packing the Mall and the Capitol lawn. I have been to many a tea party rally, from the big ones to the small ones, and jammed in the crowd at Stewart's rally as I was today I can say there was an amazingly big turnout.

By way of comparison, the crowd was definitely closer in size to that of the first 9/12 rally -- which, of course, famously had no final crowd tally -- than to the second 9/12 rally.

Stewart poked fun at the idea of crowd estimates, even as us media types scrambled to put them together. Joke's on me guess. Or on you for reading this whole story. Whichever, here's Stewart mocking us both:


CBS News commissioned the same group to analyze the crowd size at the Stewart-Colbert rally it used to estimate the crowd at Glenn Beck's August rally.

The CBS numbers: Beck drew 87,000 people to his rally, Stewart and Colbert drew 215,000.