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Jujitsu! Dems Will Attempt To Turn Tables On GOP Over Ethics Scandals

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"If John Boehner wants to take a holier-than-thou stance on ethics and brag that he's the most transparent person in this town, then he needs to step forward immediately and let the American people know which of his members he's secretly met with to discuss their ethics problems," the strategist said.

The first story dates back to an appearance the Minority Leader made on MSNBC in March, where he noted "[W]hen I took over as Leader of some two-plus years ago, I made it clear to my colleagues that I was not going to stand by and allow these types of things to happen. And I have had to bring my members in from time to time and have had serious conversations with them. So it's part of what I've been trying to do to hold my members to a higher standard."

At a later press conference, Boehner declined to name which members he'd reprimanded, only to say he'd told them "we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way."

The second, more recent story, involves Boehner's private conversations with male Republican members who have reportedly become a bit too cozy with female lobbyists.

With House members back in their districts, it may be harder for Democrats to pin Republican leaders down. But with Democrats calling members back to Washington for a vote on a jobs bill, anything's possible.

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