Jon Stewart Mocks House ‘In God We Trust’ Vote


Politicians love to talk about jobs. Democrats, of course, have one approach to creating jobs, while Republicans have … well, another.

So, Jon Stewart challenged Congress Thursday, “let’s see you guys put the money we’re not making where your mouths are.”It turns out more pressing issues were at hand: a vote to reaffirm the nation’s motto as ‘in God we trust.”

“Seriously?” Stewart said. “Are we taking suggestions for new mottos? I got a couple: “America: you’ve met our drones, now meet our people.” “America: Home of the Reagan.” “Hey world: You can’t spell ‘suck it’ without U-S.”

The vote wasn’t to change the slogan, though. It more like “renewing the wedding vows between God and America,” Stewart said. But as Stewart points out, the country’s motto was never under threat.

“I’m beginning to see why our motto is ‘in God we trust,’ because god knows we can’t trust in them,” Stewart said.

“I’m beginning to see why our motto is in god we trust, because god knows we can’t trust in them.


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