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Jon Huntsman: The Media Covers Michele Bachmann Because She's Pretty


In a long story running in this week's New York, Huntsman -- who recently abandoned his lackluster Mr. Nice Guy campaign in favor of taking direct swipes at his opponents -- suggested Bachmann, the only woman officially running for president, gets the attention she gets in part because she's good-looking.

"She makes for good copy--and good photography," Huntsman told New York's John Heilemann. The quote came in the context of talk about Bachmann being "more an object of media fascination than a plausible nominee," as Heilemann put it.

That may be true, but even Heilemann noted that Huntsman's comments were "somewhat indelicate." Especially when you consider that the uber-coiffed Huntsman gets plenty more national coverage than say Rick Santorum does, even though they poll about the same (read: near the bottom of the list.)

Whether or not Bachmann's got what it takes to win the nomination is certainly in doubt -- she has a very extreme record to contend with and making the leap from Representative to nominee is a hard one for any candidate. But there's also no doubt many Republicans genuinely love her, and a lot of that comes from the fact that she won't take the centrist positions a guy like Huntsman will.

The Bachmann campaign offered a "no comment" when asked about the quote by TPM.

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