Joe Miller Measures Drapes — And Checks Out Some Real Estate — On Visit To DC


There’s measuring the drapes, and then there’s measuring the drapes on a house you haven’t bought, and may never own, but you’re so convinced you will that, hey, let’s buy drapes!

And there’s hubris, Joe Miller-style.

So confident is Miller that he’ll win Lisa Murkowski’s Alaska Senate seat in November, he boasted last night to his over 4,000 Twitter followers that, on his trip to DC this week, he might do some house hunting. And perhaps buy some furniture. And also commission a name plaque for the door of his future Senate office.

The tweets were flagged by a source and sent my way. Check it out.

The blog Mudflats and Slate reporter Dave Weigel also noticed.

Today, they’re gone.

In Miller’s defense, he is leading his race. TPM’s Polltracker has him ahead by just over two points in a three way race with Murkowski and Democrat Scott McAdams.

But it’s probably for the best that he took those Tweets down. After all, everybody knows there are no big egos in the United States Senate.


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