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Joe Miller: Detained Journo Had Followed Me Into The Bathroom (VIDEO)


Miller told Neil Cavuto that he didn't actually witness the "arrest": "I wasn't at that point when that happened. I was on the way out, or even out of the building."

"We don't know what [Hopfinger] was up to, except for he was doing things in a very unruly way," Miller said.

He noted that the school itself required him to bring security personnel to the event, and said that "at the beginning of the event, this same individual, he's a blogger, he actually followed me into the restroom. This is not some sort of 'Ah he's kind of getting into your personal space' thing. This is just absolutely crossing the line."

"We think it was probably planned," Miller said. "I mean, following the candidate into the restroom? I mean, come on now."

Miller also pre-taped an interview with CNN's John King that will air tonight, in which he reportedly says: "The behavior that was demonstrated (by the reporter) while I was there was assaultive," Miller said. "This was a professional team... I'm sure that they did the right thing."