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Jim DeMint Plans To Grind Senate To A Halt


"The Executive Committee of the Senate Steering Committee has asked the Steering Committee staff to hold all bills that have not been hotlined by close of business Tuesday," his chief of staff wrote. "If there are any bills you would like cleared before we go out, please get them to the Steering Committee staff along with a CBO score, if applicable, by close-of-business on Tuesday."

It's from the email unclear whether he'll roll this blanket hold over into the lame-duck session, but this effectively puts the kibosh on everything except the most pressing business for the rest of the week. A hold is an explicit threat to filibuster legislation. Moreover, it's already ticked off legislators in both parties, many of whom would at least like the option of fast tracking legislation before the coming recess.

The hold is yet the latest example of the GOP's record breaking pattern of obstruction this Congress.

More when we know it.

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