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Jeff Sessions Uses Camera Time To Call Elena Kagan A Liar


"I guess what I'm saying is the overall picture that she portrayed of the situation seems to me to be disconnected to the reality of it," Sessions told reporters during a break in the hearings this morning. "I believe a Supreme Court justice has got to show clarity of mind, the ability to rigorously analyze complex situations and state them clearly and accurately with intellectual honesty."

"I feel like that she was not rigorously accurate in describing the whole nature of this circumstance," added. "And so I'm disappointed in it."

So, a reporter asked Sessions, does that mean Kagan's lying?

"I'd just leave it as what I said," Sessions said.

Shortly thereafter, Sessions was on CNN again all but calling Kagan a liar. "I begin to worry -- it worried me whether she had the intellectual honesty, the clarity of mind that you would expect on the Supreme Court of the United States," Sessions told the network.

This time, Sessions was asked if he "trusts" Kagan. "Maybe her gifts are accommodation or political," Sessions said. "She's bright, there's no doubt about that. I don't think she's a person that's dishonest fundamentally, but I just think that you expect a lot out of a person who sits at the highest court in our land."

So maybe she's not a liar, Sessions says, but she's certainly not honest enough for the Supreme Court.