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Is The Pence For President Dream Over Before It Started?


To be sure, Pence is Erickson's second choice for the presidency. But he seems convinced that Pence is the only one who has a real shot at winning without caving to the moderates.

"I am not excited by or inspired by any of them save Sarah Palin and, as much as I love Sarah Palin, I am adamantly convinced that she cannot win given the ridiculous smears and hate thrown her way by Democrats and, frankly, by a lot of Republicans. She has been made radioactive," Erickson writes.

That thought led Erickson to look around at his other options.

Right now I see plenty of candidates the establishment really likes, but very few that the grassroots could agree on across the board. Certainly Romney fans like Romney. Pawlenty fans like Pawlenty, Huckabee fans like Huckabee. But largely those fans of the individual candidates then hate the other guy.

Pence, Erickson writes, "bridges the gap between the establishment and the grassroots. He is in the comfort zone of both."

Erickson acknowledges that Pence may be seeing an easier path to the top of Indiana politics rather than the top of national politics, but the blogger still has "hope" that Pence will make the harder choice, do "something extraordinary" and run for the presidency.

"I'll support the nominee, whoever that might be," Erickson writes. "But Mike Pence gets me excited to support the nominee."