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Is Sarah Palin Avoiding Mass Sen Race?

Newscom / Greg Nash

It isn't exactly a mystery why Democrats would want to see Palin speak up for Brown. Massachusetts is an overwhelmingly liberal state, but Democratic apathy, and a lethargic campaign have at least one poll showing Brown ahead of Democratic candidate Martha Coakley. What better way to rouse sleeping voters than by injecting one of the most polarizing figures in politics into the race. Which is why it seems likely that Republicans aren't exactly itching for her to get involved.

Republicans close to the race say it is is unlikely Sarah Palin would make a stop in Massachusetts because her appeal is to a different region and to Republicans more focused on social issues. They believe the race will be won and lost on spending issues. GOP sources said there had been "no talk" of Palin coming to the Bay State.

Additional reporting by Christina Bellantoni.

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