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Hoyer: Vote Expected Saturday, But Could Be Pushed Back


However, if Republicans use procedural tactics to push the vote back, or to try and poison the bill, Hoyer wants them to be on notice that they could get called back for a vote on Sunday afternoon, Monday, or even Tuesday--the day before Veterans Day.

"Clearly, things happen, and delaying tactics can be employed...all I've done is make sure everybody understands that we're going to complete this effort," Hoyer said.

Hoyer acknowledged that some Democrats are still withholding support for the bill, hoping to prohibit federal funds from paying for abortion or health care for undocumented immigrants. But, he added, their concerns will be addressed, even if it means holding the vote later than expected.

"We are working on those now to make sure we have a construct that will facilitate the passage of the bill," he said. "We're very close."

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