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Hoyer To Boehner: Good Luck With That Budget Of Yours


By way of further explanation, the Ryan budget resolution isn't a bill that can become law, but rather a blueprint, establishing overall spending levels for specific segments of the federal goverment. The hard work of approproating those monies to specific departments, agencies and projects comes later. That's when abstraction becomes reality and lawmakers struggle to fund their preferred programs -- and ones favored by voters -- within the constraints Ryan imposes. Republicans hope to pass the Ryan budget in the House this week.

That reality, Hoyer suggested, means the GOP should temper the its enthusiasm for the sort of partisan policymaking included in their entire budget.

"In my view if you took all the Democrats out of the House and all the Democrats out of the Senate and the Ryan budget passed and then they tried to implement it through the 12 appropriations bills and the Ways and Means Committee ... they could not get the votes on the House floor or the Senate floor to pass it," Hoyer said. "And the reason for that is because the draconian actions they would have to take, and the adverse impact it would have on working Americans, middle class Americans, and their country, would be such that they would ultimately have to vote against their own policies made real."

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