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Hoyer: "No Substantive Difference" Between Wis. Dems and Senate Republicans


Hoyer added that using the state's budget woes "as an excuse for taking away from workers the right to collectively bargain is to retreat from a century of policy here and a commitment this country has made to workers being able to better themselves."

Regarding the House's own budget talks, Hoyer cautioned that lawmakers should not get too comfortable using short-term continuing resolutions to fund the government. Both parties appear poised to approve a two-week funding measure to prevent a shutdown during talks on a longer-term deal.

"Funding government in 14-day increments is an extraordinarily inefficient, unproductive, demoralizing, unacceptable way to run the largest enterprise in the world," he said. "It disrupts both the public sector, but more importantly it is extraordinarily disruptive in the private sector."

Nonetheless, he said he was "hopeful" both parties could come together on a resolution to fund the government through September.