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Hoyer: No Help For Boehner On Raising Debt Limit If Taxes Off The Table


"I've told Mr. Boehner that I will help," Hoyer said. "Now I'm not going to help on some draconian do it my way or the highway vote, but we Democrats are prepared to co-operate in order to assure that the creditworthiness of the United States is not put at risk and to move towards a fiscally responsible path...everything needs to be on the table, and when I say everything I mean everything.... Revenues need to be a significant part of it."

Boehner has insisted in repeated statements that significant revenue increases can't pass the House. If Hoyer's right, then neither can a debt limit deal that does not include higher taxes of some kind. Another reporter asked Hoyer if Congress can figure a way out of conundrum.

"Not if David Brooks' premise, that the Republicans are unprepared to take yes for an answer, are unprepared to make any compromises and simply say 'my way or the highway,'" he said. "Then I think it will be very difficult to do."

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