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Hoyer: No Bright Lines For Democrats On Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich

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Though Democrats have committed to ensuring that tax cuts for middle-income brackets are extended permanently, they have yet to determine how or when they'll accomplish that, let alone whether they might be amenable to a temporary extension of tax cuts for the rich. Hoyer said that he personally supports Obama's tax plan and eventually wants to offset the middle class tax cuts.

Nevertheless, they're hoping that House Minority Leader John Boehner's moment of candor this past Sunday has exposed the GOP's dilemma, giving them an upper hand in the debate.

"Mr. Boehner made the mistake of a few short seconds of reasonableness which lead the Wall Street Journal to say that he was maybe not appropriate to be the Speaker," Hoyer said. "So I'm not sure where they're going to go. So I don't want to anticipate what they would or would not do."

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