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Hoyer: House Dems May Jam Boehner Over Disaster Relief


The offset in question would nix a $1.5 billion incentive for hybrid vehicle production.

Recently, the top Democratic appropriator in the House, Norm Dicks (D-WA) said he'd reluctantly support the legislation -- known as a continuing resolution -- to avoid a government shutdown. But Democrats seem to have identified their leverage.

"You need to pass a CR, you need to keep the government funded, you don't need to do it in this manner," Hoyer said. "We have not yet made a decision on what we'll do on this. I know Mr. Dicks' comments and I agree with his comments. But that does not necessarily mean in the end that -- the Senate disagrees with that, we agree with the Senate and we may vote that way."

Last week, the Senate passed legislation to provide FEMA nearly $7 billion in emergency disaster relief money, sans offsets. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) plans to pit House and Senate Republicans against each other over this issue -- force his Republican colleagues to choose between the FEMA bill they helped pass on Thursday and their GOP allies in the House. Hoyer's suggesting it may never get to that point.

"[E]ight times under George Bush we responded to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, other disasters, fires, and we did so by emergency funding," Hoyer said. "The Republicans supported President Bush's request for that, we think they ought to support President Obama's request for that."

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