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Hoyer And Boehner Agree Retirement Age Should Be 'On The Table'

Newscom / Scott J. Ferrell

In a speech last summer about entitlements and deficits, Hoyer said, "We should consider a higher retirement age or one pegged to lifespan."

At his weekly press availability on Wednesday, I asked him if he still stood by his previous comments, or if, like Boehner, he'd rather keep his powder dry.

"Unlike Boehner [who supported raising the retirement age outright], what I said is it ought to be on the table," Hoyer said. "We ought to consider all options, including raising the age, but there are a lot of other options also that can be considered and I also indicated that whatever we do needs to be done prospectively. And I think all parties agree with that."

As it happens that puts him in just about the same boat as Boehner, at least with respect to the question of raising the retirement age. Many Democrats support the idea of raising the wage-cap on the Social Security payroll tax to shore up the program indefinitely, and the GOP doesn't. But there remains fairly strong bipartisan support for considering a higher retirement age, too.

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