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Howard Dean: The 'State Of The Progressive Movement' Is Strong


Dean suggests that the only lesson progressives need to learn from 2010 is, "fight harder."

"Republicans often play to the worst impulses in human nature and separate people from each other, scapegoating minority groups and dismantling our community support systems," Dean writes.

"We have a better answer," he adds. "We know what we believe."

Dean says progressives believe in "community": "We can provide a bright future to our children with a quality education and we can provide a secure retirement free from poverty and dependence for our grandparents. And we can accomplish it within a reasonable budget so we don't leave a burden of debt on the next generation."

They believe in "security," he writes. "We won't start wars of choice and then perpetuate them to keep the military contractors in business. We will fund schools and investment in green jobs over funding bombers and missile defense our military doesn't need or even want."

They believe in "liberty," too, Dean writes, grabbing one of the tea party's recent buzzwords and claiming it (or reclaiming it, depending on your point of view) for the left: "We believe that no one, not multinational corporations nor the government, has the right to your personal information to keep tabs on you for profit or unwarranted policing."

Dean, who'll host an online discussion on the future of progressivism tonight at 9 PM, writes that the progressive forces will rally -- and will be a force to be reckoned with -- in elections to come.

"I know we will fight even harder in 2011 than we did in 2008 to make sure no Republican can turn back the clock on the advances we've made so far," he writes. "We will defeat those who stand against the advances we have yet to make. We will not compromise our values in the name of political expediency."