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House Republicans Clear Key Hurdle In Effort To Avoid Government Shutdown


As outlined in this article, the measure, called a continuing resolution, now heads to the Senate, where Democrats will attempt to amend it. Their goal is to make sure it protects key domestic priorities from sequestration in the same way Republicans fashioned it to protect the military.

The question now is how much leeway Senate Republicans provide Democrats to change the legislation. Both Republicans and Democrats have indicated that the amendments will have to be fairly narrow, to prevent House Republicans from rejecting the bill if and when it returns to the lower chamber.

Boehner is pressing the Senate to pass it unchanged.

"Today the House has taken the first step towards assuring the American people that the federal government will stay open, which President Obama agrees should be our shared goal," he said in an official statement. "The Senate should pass the House measure without delay."

We'll find out how that tussle ends next week. But for now, House Republicans have cleared one hurdle between them and avoiding a government shutdown.

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