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House Passes Health Care Bill 220-215


In addition to including a public option, the bill calls for a number of major reforms, which you can understand in broad strokes by reading this post.

All day Saturday, Obama's Organizing for America campaign arm run by the Democratic National Committee was asking supporters to help at the last minute via email and Twitter.

"House vote on health reform is imminent. This is a once-in-a-generation moment. Be part of it," the DNC tweeted to the Obama feed's more than 2.6 million followers. It directed supporters to a page allowing them to directly tweet their lawmakers.

OFA also asked 13 million supporters on the email list to call their Republican representatives and ask for their votes.

The White House is sure to hail the House vote as historic, but there are many more steps ahead before a health care bill makes it to Obama's desk. Follow TPMDC's health care coverage here.

Additional reporting by Brian Beutler.