Homeowning Lawyer Joe Miller Sought Low-Income Hunting And Fishing License In Alaska


The evidence of tea party hypocrisy is long, and always growing.

The latest entry: In 1995 conservative Joe Miller, who wants to end the welfare state, acquired low-income hunting and fishing licenses, meant for families with an annual income of less than $8200 a year. Raising more questions: at the same time, Miller had just purchased a home in Anchorage and begun working as an attorney for a well-known firm for $70,000 a year, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

The Miller camp explains that he technically qualified for the low income license because he’d most recently been a law student on scholarship at Yale, and he and his wife survived on loans. To qualify for a low-income license, residents must live in Alaska for over a year. He claims his wife spent 1994 in their Alaska home while he finished up school…but he acknowledges that they were able to afford the house by selling off property he owned in the midwest.Not income, per se, but hardly the archetypal low-income American for whom Miller wants to end the welfare state.

Before he moved to Alaska, Miller also received a federal agriculture subsidy for that same midwest property.


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