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Hoffa: Sorkin and Morning Joe Show Complete Failure To Understand

Off the record, an irritated union organizer told me to "ask [Sorkin] if he's received any packages from UPS in the past five years or so, or flown on Southwestern Airlines during that time?

And is he aware that, in using those companies, like millions of others, he was a customer of two of the most innovative and successful unionized companies in the world? You could ask him how the American supermarket industries survives, given that it's about 80% unionized? You could ask him how the rest of the advanced capitalist world manages to compete with the U.S. given that the unionization rate in every advanced capitalist country in the world is greater, often far greater than ours---and that that is reflected in their unionization density of their respective transnational corporations.

I've placed a call to Sorkin for comment, and will let you know if and how he responds.

Late update: You can read Sorkin's apology here.

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