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Hayworth Fundraising Ad Depicts 'Conservative Actor' McCain In Avatar-Like Warpaint


Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ), a McCain ally, told the Republic: "Ads like this have no place in the Republican primary, and J.D. Hayworth should immediately take it down and apologize."

McCain campaign manager Shiree Verdone told the paper: "Ex-Congressman J.D. Hayworth should immediately apologize and and take down his latest online ad, which is an outrageous offense to John McCain's lifetime of honorable service to our state and nation, and insulting to Native Americans here in Arizona and across America."

Hayworth spokesman Jason Rose responded to the calls to take down the ad, telling the Republic: "We respectfully decline the request and would encourage Senator McCain to get a sense of humor. After all, if Sunday's show did have an award for best election year flip-flopping and transparent conservative conversion, the incumbent would surely win the Oscar."