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Hayworth Camp: He Had No Knowledge Of Infomercial Company's History


Did Hayworth have any comment on the company's controversial history, we asked? The company received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and was the target of a letter to the Federal Trade Commission by 32 state attorneys general. "No," said Sanders. "He did the one infomercial with them. That was the extent of his relationship with them, and he doesn't have any knowledge of other things that the company may be involved in."

Earlier today, Sanders had defended Hayworth's involvement in the infomercial, claiming that the story had been shopped around to local media by the McCain campaign and dismissing the matter as an attack by a rival camp. He had also defended the legitimacy of Hayworth's pitch in the ad, declaring that "letting people know that the government does have a role in our lives is certainly part of what the Congressman and any elected official should be doing."