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Harry Reid Camp Tells Sharron Angle To 'Man Up'


"Sharron Angle continues to make statewide and national news for insulting an entire community of Nevadans, and she should man up and apologize to the Hispanic students she's offended - both for telling them they look 'Asian' and for lying to them by saying her ads featuring nefarious images of Latino men were about Canada," said Harry Reid's campaign spokesman Kelly Steele in a statement this afternoon.

Of course, male pols haven't exactly been stellar on this score this cycle.

During the Colorado primary, Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck said voters should support him over rival Jane Norton because "I do not wear high heels."

And one of Jerry Brown's aides was caught on tape calling California Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman a "whore."

Examples abound, making this the classiest election cycle since...well, the last one.

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