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Hannity And Gingrich Agree With Barton On BP 'Shakedown' -- Even After Barton Took It Back (VIDEO)


Gingrich agreed with Hannity in criticizing the Obama administration's involvement with the escrow account -- saying that BP would have done it anyway and now Obama is claiming credit for it, but also that there are serious problems if Obama was influential in the matter.

"But I just think the idea that if the president is directly engaged in extorting money from a company, this is like General Motors and Chrysler, where the administration basically stole money from the creditors who own stock and who had bonds, to give that money to their union allies," said Gingrich. And what it's gonna -- what it says to the world is, be very careful about investing in the United States, because the political class may take the money away from you if the trial lawyers don't get it first."