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Graham: 'Most Americans' Think Birthright Citizenship Odd, Are Offended By It (VIDEO)


"Most Americans find it odd that if you break our law, come to one of our hospitals, have a child, and that child becomes a citizen and we pay for the hospital pay, you turn around and leave, that that's not a really logical way to grant citizenship," Graham continued. "Most Americans are offended that you could buy a visa, come over here, have your baby in America, turn around and leave, and you get citizenship through that process. I don't think that makes sense. Most countries don't do it.

"There're people in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for their citizenship as green card holders. So I would say to Harry Reid, if you think it's a good idea not to fix this, then you can't look the American people in the eye and say we're dealt with our immigration problems. Because we will have not dealt with our problems."