GOPer Ron Johnson’s Ad In WI-SEN: I’m Not A Lawyer (VIDEO)


Ron Johnson, the Republican nominee against Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold in the Wisconsin Senate race, has a new ad that pretty much sums up his campaign pitch, presenting himself as a political outsider and businessman in the middle of a seemingly anti-incumbent environment.

“There are 100 members of the U.S. Senate. Fifty-seven of them — including Russ Feingold — are lawyers,” says Johnson, standing in front of a large whiteboard and writing out the figures with a marker. “That’d be fine, if we had a lawsuit to settle. But we have an economy to fix. There are zero manufacturers and one accountant. It’s no wonder we’re losing jobs and piling up debt. I’m not a politician. I’m an accountant and a manufacturer. I know how to balance a budget, and I do know how to create jobs. Now that’s something we could really use.”

The TPM Poll Average gives Johnson a lead of 52.2%-43.6%.