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GOP State Legislators Threaten To Impeach Dem Attorney General For Not Suing Against Health Care Law


As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Jim Galloway notes, any successful impeachment would be highly unlikely, as it would require a simple majority in the state House and a two-third majority in the state Senate. Republicans control the state legislature, but do not have two-thirds in the Senate. "The numbers argue futility," Galloway writes.

Perdue is not exactly talking down the impeachment effort. As the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

When asked if Baker broke the law by refusing to carry out his instructions to initiate a lawsuit, the governor said, "I think the (state) Constitution is is clear. I think the people of Georgia can make their own determination about that."

Asked about talk in the state Legislature that Baker should be impeached, the governor said impeachment is a legislative prerogative and declined further comment.