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GOP Slams Dems For Medicare Cuts Republicans Support


NRCC spokesman Paul Lindsay, asked about this contradiction, did not dispute that Republicans are now supporting the same Medicare cuts they're bashing Dems for. He simply made the observation that Dems are using them to fund the Affordable Care Act, which enjoyed the two-year anniversary of its enactment Friday.

"Democrats cut $500 billion from Medicare in order to pay for ObamaCare," Lindsay told TPM. "The Path to Prosperity puts that back towards ensuring that Medicare remains sustainable instead of funding the Democrats' massive government healthcare takeover."

Republicans used this line of attack ahead of the 2010 elections and reaped the political rewards. But their own budget, for the second year in a row, illustrates that the GOP has no qualms with the Medicare policy they're excoriating Dems for enacting.

"The 'do as I say, not as I do' NRCC is at it again lying yet again," the House Dems' electoral arm DCCC said in a statement, "about Democrats' record to strengthen and improve Medicare in an attempt to distract from Republicans' record of trying to end the Medicare guarantee to give tax breaks to billionaires and Big Oil."

The irony goes even deeper: While the GOP is attacking Dems for cutting Medicare to fund the Affordable Care Act, their own Ryan blueprint converts Medicare into a market exchange for seniors that's very similar to what the Affordable Care Act does for non-seniors. But the GOP plan has a public option, which Republicans successfully fought to keep out of the ACA.

This new round of ads comes after Republicans spent part of the last year decrying Democrats for "Mediscare" attacks.