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GOP MegaPAC: NY-26 Is A Wake Up Call For The Right


American Crossroads spent close to $700,000 backing Corwin in NY-26 against Davis and the winner, Democrat Kathy Hochul. Collegio's emphasis on the challenge for the right is a far cry from his statement only a day earlier placing the blame for the then-expected loss on Davis.

"This race is competitive because a phony Tea Party candidate is spending millions of dollars purposefully confusing voters in an attempt to split the Republican vote," Collegio said then. "I'm not sure what the overarching meaning is there, other than that some older men are willing to spend vast amounts of treasure pursuing inexplicable ends."

The giant shift in tone appears to reflect Davis' weak performance in the final results, which indicated that Democrats could have won the race in a head to head contest despite the district's history as a Republican stronghold.