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GOP May Have Been Defeated, But They're Winning The Age And Intensity Gaps

Between all these factors, it's no surprise that the people opposed to Obama's agenda are far more vocal right now. "People are pessimists to a great extent, and older people in particular," said Sabato. "They fear change, and that whatever is change might make their situation worse."

While these factors can hamper Democratic movement, at the end of the day Sabato still thinks something will get done.

"Fortunately, other considerations come into play, including the political imperative of getting something done if you're in the majority party. I'm just gonna be very surprised if the majority party follows the same model of disaster from 93 and 94," said Sabato. "They've been through this once. They may have to scale the plan back, there may be some compromises, but to do nothing would be to invite an electoral debacle that would be greater than what might be produced by an unpopular plan. So I'm still betting they do something."