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GOP Jobs Plan: More Snakes?


Politico reports that Florida officials, led by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), are pushing for the new rules because the Everglades are under attack by 100,000 gigantic Burmese pythons who have been accidentally introduced by negligent pet owners. The outside invaders have been on a rampage, devouring native birds and other creatures. One python grew so big that it managed to devour a six-foot alligator before exploding. No really. This actually happened. There's a photo.

In the on-going battle over the dismal state of the jobs market, Republicans argue that a "regulatory tsunami" from the Obama administration is choking off jobs growth. Committee members say the free market should handle the giant pythons and that government tampering would "devastate a small but thriving sector of the economy."

Democrats on the committee are less than convinced.

"With all due respect to our witnesses from the Association of Reptile Keepers, repealing a so-called job-killing regulation to allow more pythons, boa constrictors and anacondas into the United States is not the kind of bold, bipartisan solution Americans are looking for to help the economy," Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said in a hearing.

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