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GOP 'Business' Candidate In CO-GOV Can't Keep His Paperwork Straight


Here's what the Post put together:

Maes registered a credit-reporting business in 2005, but the Colorado secretary of state's office shows he did not file required annual reports from 2007 to 2010.

The secretary of state also listed him as delinquent on filing the paperwork for a business he owned that produced educational videos on how to maintain good credit.

He was cited in January 2007 for driving a 2002 Mitsubishi with expired license plates. He reportedly told a Jefferson County sheriff's officer he "just didn't think about it" because it was his wife's car. He didn't show up for a court hearing on that infraction, court records show.

Maes waited seven months to pay his homeowners' association fees of $172 and had a lien placed on his house.

As a political candidate, Maes has paid $17,500 in fines for campaign finance violations, and the Post reports he has been hit with a number of fines for late campaign record filings.

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