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Gingrich Threatens EFCA Twitterer With Lawsuit, Doesn't Understand Twitter

By that, Gingrich's attorney means the group posted this.

Which could, I suppose, be interpreted both as a solicitation of Gingrich and Anuzis as well as a statement about them (though does anybody really think Gingrich would sign a pro-EFCA petition?) But anybody with even passing familiarity with Twitter knows that the message isn't purportedly written by the people named in it. It's directed at them. Hence the ampersand.

The website for The Truth About EFCA can be seen here. And the Twitterer who's being threatened with the lawsuit has a blog of his own where he's written a post about this ordeal. We've contacted him (by direct Twitter message!) and we'll let you know what, if anything, he has to say about his sudden brush with Twitter scandal.

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