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Gingrich: Republicans Will Have A Hard Time Saying No To Extending Payroll Tax Cut


Republicans have supported a temporary payroll tax holiday in the past, but with the economy faltering, and Obama fielding much of the blame, they've been grasping for reasons to oppose extending it.

Gingrich backed the plan more in sorrow than in solidarity with Obama. And his analysis is spot on, both politically and from a policy perspective -- a de facto payroll tax increase would represent a big counterstimulus at a time when the economy desperately needs more. And Republicans will be hard pressed to support this particular tax increase when the issue becomes public, particularly after waging a very public jihad against all other tax increases.

Gingrich also said he'd oppose extending unemployment insurance unless states were allowed to make it contingent on requiring beneficiaries to attend work training programs. And he said he'd support massive infrastructure spending, but only if it were financed by royalties from expanding offshore oil drilling and other unspecified new energy exploration revenues.

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