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Gingrich: Focus On My 1993 Mandate Support Is 'Political Amnesia' (VIDEO)


The key moment comes at the 2:30 mark below:

Van Susteren then interrupted to ask a question: "Let me ask you about, just so I understand this," said Van Susteren. "So I'm sure I understand, so are you saying in 1993, that there was some sort of hybrid of mandate or whatever, it was supported by the Republican Party. And now, that was in response to the Clinton administration. And now you've changed, is that it?"

"No, no," Gingrich responded. "I'm saying that 18 -- imagine this in your own case. I'm saying that you see a 20-second clip from 18 years ago, when you were fighting Hillarycare, and when virtually everybody in the conservative movement was united in trying to stop Hillarycare.

"Now, nobody at that time was talking about the 10th Amendment. Nobody at that time was talking about these kind of constitutional issues. But to jump from that and say, 'Gosh, if Newt said this in 1993, he must be for Obama' -- skipping, by the way, two-and-a-half years of active, consistent opposition to Obamacare?

"I mean, I think the kind of amnesia that Washington gets into is, frankly, silly."

Gingrich's spokesman has not immediately returned TPM's request for comment, asking whether this meant the 1993 advocacy for an individual mandate was only made out of political considerations, and should not be taken seriously now.