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Gingrich: Either I Would Run For President 'Or I'd Be A Fraud' (VIDEO)


Also during the interview, Hannity and Gingrich discussed the recent killing of Osama bin Laden, with Hannity saying that liberals should give credit to former President George W. Bush's policies of "enhanced interrogations, Gitmo, rendition, black sites" for securing the information of Bin Laden's whereabouts. Hannity then contrasted this to how Attorney General Eric Holder "is investigating the very CIA interrogators that got the information that they were approved to get."

This in turn got Gingrich especially fired up against the administration -- going so far as to call for an investigation of Holder's beliefs.

"Eric Holder should never have been approved by the U.S. Senate," said Gingrich. "He volunteered to write papers for terrorists -- he volunteered to try to help terrorists get out of jail. His record out of office, between the Clinton years and today, was such that it should have disqualified him from serving as attorney general.

"And in fact, the U.S. house should be investigating what his beliefs are, because he is consistently doing the wrong things as it relates to Americans. And every American should be outraged that CIA officers who are risking their lives to try to save this country from attack, are being attacked by their own attorney general."